Follow these links to see the results of our first year of hybridizing daylilies. As new "babies" bloom, each cross will have it's own page, with pictures of each new variety that we have "created". Whenever possible, we will also add photos of the parents. These crosses were made in the summer of 2003. When a cross successfully set a viable pod the resulting seeds were collected, air-dried and refrigerated until January of 2004...thus, these are all '04 Seedlings, blooming for the first time in 2005 or 2006.
Vanilla Fluff X Soft And Pretty-Diploid
2004 Daylily Seedlings
A Photo Record
Daring Deception X Creative Edge-Tetraploid
Patchwork Puzzle X Unknown Mini-Tetraploid
Daveo Holman X Soft And Pretty-Diploid
Index updated (Jan. '09) to include only those crosses we actually kept something out of.