2006 Seedlings

For the first couple of years that Richard and I played at hybridizing, I also played a lot with putting page after page of photos on this website. What a lot of time I must have had on my hands back then! Those days are gone. It is now very difficult to find the hours necessary to devote a page to each cross, and give each individual plant recognition. I did it for fun back then....but now our little hobby has too much work involved. So here's the scoop....what I will do...IF I have time, is to slap up a few hurried shots of the best of the best, or anything I just happen to like. If my readers are lucky, I might even take the time to make notes about parentage. Here are just a few of our favorites from the '06 crop. Nothing earth-shaking, but a few nice ones.
The first three seedlings, pictured above, are out of "Oh You Pretty Thing" [our garden name for a nice Dave Jackson Sdlg X String Bikini.
These next three siblings are out of Spacecoast Starburst and another Dave Jackson seedling that we call "High Cholesterol" There were 24 seedlings in this cross, and there were others we liked just as well, but even our photography time was limited. In fact, we used one of the 'babies' in this cross for hybridizing, and can't find a photo of it in either of our files.
A whimsical shot of a spidery thing out of a Dan Bachman seedling X Wild Wookie
Next....a couple of pretty doubles out of Layers Of Gold [double] X Dave Jackson unusual form double we call "Had I Known" [which has a page of it's own]
The next cross is one of those things Northern hybridizers are cautioned not to do...breeding two Southern varieties together. Being a bit of a rule breaker, I tried it anyway and the reason I shouldn't have was evident by the plants that occurred....short and spindly, almost 'sickly' over-all. But the upside came with some of the few blooms produced. Here are our favs out of Russian Ragtime X Fortune's Dearest. Hopefully the plants will look better with another year to grow, because I would hate to compost these! While they aren't keepers, they would make a pretty addition to someone's garden if the plants are healthy.
My two favorites from this cross:
But then there was THIS strange sibling....lovingly called "The Mutant". Actually, we kind of hope it stays this way as it matures....could make some interesting off-spring. :-)
The four seedlings in the front of this shot are out of Frankie's Fantasy X Star Asterisk....all purple, like both parents.
Another Southern X Southern breeding, but this one had a stronger plant. Classic Edge X Russian Ragtime. Not unusual, but very pretty.
This one is definitely a favorite, and might be a keeper. It's out of Wisest Of Wizards and a  Dave Jackson Seedling. You can also see a sibling in the left corner. Notice how the sib does not open well. "Tis a shame...it will brighten the compost heap.
This next flower was one of my personal favorites, even though it seems rather plain from the picture. When it was in bloom it was the first thing I noticed because it was tall and BIG. And that color has not been captured by any camera we own. Not even my Sony.  It's a rich coral that stands out from all the flowers around it and we will keep it for evaluation. It's out of a Chicken On The Run seedling from the garden of Dan Bachman X Red Skeletons.
[Two hardy Northern plants]
This flower is a testimony to why I need to watch the planting and not just do the book work. This little gem came up in a space marked for two eyed varieties, both with a dark purple eye and edge. But since it was right next to a group of ORANGE TO ORANGE seedlings, it was pretty obvious that it likely got plunked in the wrong spot. My best guess is that it's daddy is PRIMAL SCREAM, but out of three possible pod parents, I have no idea which plant is it's mom. Hence the garden name..."WHERE Is YOUR Mother!?"
I love this thing....it will stay for evaluation, even though it's parentage is questionable.
UPDATE: Below is a shot of the top left daylily, taken one year later. There are some subtle changes. I got smart and started putting info on the pics.
UPDATE!! Here's another of the same cross. This shot taken July '08. I'm not sure this one even bloomed in '07, because I think we would have remembered it!  We liked it so well that we transplanted it from the seedling bed to the "Keepers" area to give it a chance to strut it's stuff. We have given it a garden name of "NAVAJO BEADS".
UPDATE: Below are some more shots of the Bachman Sdlg X Wild Wookie babies. Most of the 'litter' were very interesting and bear watching. The Bachman sdlg. has the garden name of "OPEN WIDE", and it can be seen on our Bachman page.
The one below is a true spider. The pod parent is out of Michelin House X So Many Stars. We used this one a lot in '08, and have a lot of seedlings growing that will be planted in the spring. We gave it the garden name of "JELLY STRINGS".
The update on these two doubles is not so up-beat. Neither performed as well as last year, and both will probably be 're-homed'.
Update: UGH!! What a waste of space! Most of these seedlings didn't even bloom in their second year, so they were given away. This one was salvaged and put in the watch area, but may follow it's littermates into oblivion if it doesn't step up!
Update on the Frankie's Fantasy kids....all good. No new pics to show yet, but they all performed well, and most were pod fertile. Will definitely choose a keeper from the lot.
No update on this one, as I'm not even sure if we still have it! Many from this bed were removed and given away, and this may have been one of them.
Same flower-another year-different camera. Sony cameras do have goooood color! We moved this one to the Keeper area, and named it COOPERATIVE EFFORT...."COOPER" for short. Yes, I am 'recycling' my dog's names. I spent many sleepless nights coming up with just the right names for them...so I'm going to get double duty for my effort.
Update: By the second year this flower was indescript and hard to even find.
NEW: This one  didn't bloom in it's first year...but several from this cross bloomed in '08. This was my favorite.
These shots, taken in 2008, show less doubling on the left seedling, about the same on the right seedling. Neither had an acceptable bud count, and I doubt that will change much in 2009. Speaking of budcount....in the background is Little Lassie....with very impressive bud count. Makes these doubles look sad by comparison.
I have no info on this seedling, except that I'm sure it is out of a CHICKEN ON THE RUN seedling that we got from Dan Bachman. This is a shot I took in '08, and added 1-23-09. I find the 'stripes' interesting, and will be watching it to see if it does the same thing again.