2007 Hamilton Daylily Seedlings
Once again, I'm way behind on posting pictures of our newest seedlings, blooming for the first time in 2008. Here are just a few of the many interesting 'gifts' we found in our garden last summer. Where, oh WHERE will we put all the ones we want to keep?!!
This is a cross of Wizest Of Wizards by a Dan Bachman seedling that we call "Banana Popsicle". Many of the seedlings were just boring yellow, like the one below...but scroll down. Some of them were very interesting....and bear watching.
Kinda cool....huh?
This next one is getting closer to the edges on UFs that many other hybridizers are already getting. We are playing catch-up, so this one is definitely worth watching.
Not nearly as much edge-but this one was everyone's favorite. A keeper for now.
"Broken Arrow" is a Dave Jackson seedling that we purchased before we started asking him for the 'pedigree'....so we have no idea of the parentage. Silent Musings is a Pat Stamile introduction that Pat sent us as a bonus plant. Together they have served us very well by giving us the beauty below. One of our very favorite favorites, and has been used in our breeding program with it's first bloom.
Got lazy and did not look up the info on this one before putting it here....but I think it's out of our '05 seedling, 05-15-1, on Great White. Very large blooms, very nice.
I'm sure about this one. I promise to do better record-keeping next year!
The seedling below is just one of many nice seedlings from the Jackson beauty we call "Money Talks". It's been quite a producer, and more seedlings will be pictured as you scroll down.
"Rusted Peach" is yet another Dave Jackson seedling that we have used quite a bit. I love the soft colors it produces.
As promised, more from "Money Talks". This time we tried a combo of a Bachman seedling with a Jackson seedling. I might try a marriage between this one and the red-edged Wisest of Wizards seedling in the first cross on the page.
We also put "Money Talks" on Spacecoast Starburst, and got a whole group of very pretty seedlings. The flowers are on the small side, but have a lot of promise.
This is our first baby out of our "UNO". I'm not sure if I like mother or child better, but they are both nice.
"Brother Daryl is yet another Bachman seedling....the first we ever bought from Dan. I like the form of this UF.
Sibling of seedling above.
"Oh You Pretty Thing" is a Dave Jackson seedling that we do not have information on, but I suspect it has Admiral's Braid in it's background. It has given us many lovely seedlings.
The babies pictured below are special to me because they came from SKEEZIX....the very cold tender, but gorgeous double tetraploid spider, that we have gone to great lengths to try to save. I managed to salvage some pollen the first year and I froze it. The following year I put that pollen on the ever-fertile work-horse, the Bachman seedling we call "OPEN WIDE". We got these!
There were these, and many more. Most were pod fertile, and each had it's own 'personality'. My favorites are the two below.
07-8-1-Classic Edge X Sabine Bauer
This Nosferatu seedling is nothing out of the ordinary, I just liked this shot well enough to include it here.