Reblooming Iris
Our latest garden adventure is to step into the world of reblooming iris. We've always loved Iris, but didn't want to devote much room to something that only bloomed for a couple of weeks each spring. In June of 2004, a daylily breeder gave us a clump of a daylily that we had admired, named "Clarence".

When Clarence shot up scapes in September we found out that it was a rebloomer.

We had never heard of such a thing, but HEY! If there are varieties that will bloom twice....we decided to make some space for them. We ordered several varieties that are supposed to be reliable rebloomers in our zone in the fall of '05, and now we are waiting to see if their promises are kept.

"Clarence" reblooming in the fall.
"Prince of Earl"- first bloom on our new acquisitions-May 4, 2006
Imagine our surprise when "Waltz Across Texas" produced these two blooms just before Halloween
on a tiny stem shortly after it arrived from California in 2005.
"Pink Attraction"
"Violet Reprise"
"Killer" and "Clarence"-both are very photogenic. "Killer" manages to make her way into every photo shoot.