Dave Jackson's Daylilies
158 Diamond Mill Road
New Lebanon, Ohio 45345
[Open Friday thru Sunday, Mid June to late July, or call for appointment. 937-835-7007]
One of our favorite people to visit during the daylily blooming season is Dave Jackson, of New Lebanon, Ohio. We bought some of our very first named varieties from Dave, but as the years have passed,  our desire has turned to collecting some of his better "cast-offs" from his personal breeding program. Many of the most beautiful daylilies in our gardens have been Dave's efforts, and we look forward each year to checking out his available seedlings.  We consider our "Dave Jackson Collection" to be of excellent quality....[ even though none of my whining and nagging will talk him out of his best ones. ]

Dave hybridizes on a small scale, about a thousand seedlings per year, and does not advertise. His lovely seedlings are sold locally, by word of mouth, and the best go to those who get there the fastest.

Dave sells second-year bloomers for a very reasonable price for entire clumps. And some of his clumps are huge by then, so this is a real bargain. Besides that, each clump is a totally new variety, that no one else in the world owns.

Having revealed all that, I guess I just put us in jeopardy of missing out on some darn nice flowers...but trust me...Dave's is worth the trip. We are so happy with what we've purchased from Dave that we are glad to give him any free advertising that might be generated from this page. Enjoy.

This is one of the first seedlings we ever bought from Dave, MANY years ago. As you scroll down the page you will see how he has progressed. We finally made the decision to let it go in 2008, but only because of space constraints. The shade of pink is very clear, the size of the bloom is very large, and we like the veining in the petals and it's striking green throat [that doesn't show well in this photo]. Each time it's been divided, it's 'fame' has spread. It grows at my mothers' apartment, and is her favorite, and it graces the gardens of my best-friend's church.
We've always called it "THE PINK WHOPPER."
We gave this one the garden name of "HANDSOME DAVE". Even though it doesn't look 'masculine' in this picture. The true color is a bit more dusky and leans toward a dark mauve. We like the subtle ruffling and the fine braided edge. This is a robust plant, and has increased rapidly. We have used it in our breeding program, and have some very pretty seedlings under evaluation from "Dave".
We got this weird thing in 2005. It was a second year seedling at the time, and only had one fan, but we decided to purchase it because of the edging.  We call it "HIGH CHOLESTEROL". We put it on Spacecoast Starburst, and got some very interesting, and very 'edgy' offspring, some of which are pictured on our 2006 seedling page. However, because of it's slow growth, we decided to 're-home' it in the best place possible. Our neighbor also hybridizes, and she planted it in her garden. The best of both worlds....we don't have to make space for it, and we can still use it. :-)

Once in a while we take a chance on a seedling that isn't blooming, just because of it's growth habit. When I spotted this seedling, it was enormous for a 2 year old baby, and was loaded with buds. For $5.00, I thought, what the heck...let's have a surprise. Considering the fact that this plant was uprooted in a miserably hot, late June, had all the dirt knocked off it's roots, and it sat in a bucket of water over-night till Richard got around to planting it....we think these blooms are great. We call it "SIGHT UNSEEN".

In previous years, we just took our treasures from Dave and planted them. But once we started dabbling in small-scale hybridizing, our decades of breeding show dogs made the "pedigrees" of his stock become important. Dave's seedlings usually have some very complicated parentage. This one's pod parent is out of CLOTHED IN GLORY by one of Dave's seedlings out of ADMIRAL'S BRAID by ANGEL'S SMILE. The pollen parent is out of seedling from PEACH CANDY to STARTLE, and STRAWBERRY LACE. That would normally be written out like so...

( [Clothed in Glory x  {Admiral's Braid x Angel's Smile}] X [{Peach Candy x Startle} x Strawberry Lace] )

I think. Are we confused yet?

We have used this seedling with a interesting, named varieties, and will have seedlings to consider soon.

I lied just a little about never being able to wheedle Dave out of one he had planned to keep. This one had a 'hold' tag on it....but I managed to purchase it anyway. Look at the edge on this baby! We found this one blooming during our second trip to Dave's, July 2005.  We call it "JEWEL THIEF".
The pedigree is...

( [{Strawberry Candy x Startle} x  {Ida's Magic x Regal Braid}] X [{Strawberry Candy x Startle} x Braided Lightning] ) 

We haven't spent a lot of time trying to get it to set a pod, [I would call it very reluctant], but it is pollen fertile.

And then there's THIS. We call it "LAVENDER PEARLS".  I think this is one of my all-time favorite Jackson seedlings. It was a second year bloomer in 2005, and as of 2008, it still looks the same. Yummy!

It's pod parent is out of Jackson seedling of unknown parentage that Dave calls "Fence Row Freak" by his [Admiral's Braid X Angel's Smile] seedling that he uses quite a bit. The pollen parent is out of Shinto Etchings by Tet. Barbara Mitchell.

Yet another interesting seedling. It was the first thing that drew my eye on one previous visit, so I call it "STAND OUT".

( {Admiral's Braid x Angel's Smile}
[{Peach Candy x Startle} x Strawberry Lace] )

We set pods on it in 2008 using some blue eyed cultivars, and are awaiting the results. We also recently purchased Indigo Bunting, specifically to use with this flower. We should get some interesting colors in the eyes.
We got this in 2004, and it's become a garden favorite. I named it what I said when I saw it's first bloom...."OH YOU PRETTY THING." I didn't ask about pedigrees in '04, but I suspect this one relies heavily on Admiral's Braid for it's over-all look.

We've used it quite a bit, and have some very nice seedlings from it. Some can be seen on our 2006 seedling page X String Bikini. It is very fertile.

Possibly our most interesting seedling from Dave's is the one we call "HAD I KNOWN". This one has a page of it's own, and we are planning to introduce it with the help of Dave, and Dan Bachman of Valley of the Daylilies. CLICK HERE to read about it.
Polynesian Love Song X [Admiral's Braid x Angel's Smile]
Very pretty, but so far not pod fertile. We plan to try the pollen on a few things in '09.
The daylily in the picture above is already becoming famous in our closest daylily circle. Probably because I make sure everyone knows how I managed to get Dave to sell it to us, and where it's name came from. As usual, this one had a 'hold' tag on it, and I couldn't convince Dave I needed it worse than he did. At least not for his normal seedling price. As I sat under Dave's huge walnut tree, fuming because I really wanted this daylily, I decided to up the ante. I asked Dave
"what if I offered you double your price.....what would you do?"

Dave didn't say a word....he just picked up his shovel and headed back to the seedling bed. AHA! I had found his Achille's Heel! And the perfect name....


Just so you know....it only worked once. I tried it again the next year, and only got a dirty look. [Probably because I couldn't keep my big mouth shut and told everyone what I had done.]

We should have named it "Chameleon", as the picture above is only ONE of it's many looks. It starts out the season a watermelon color, and changes almost daily. Some days it's a soft pink, other days...almost red. But it's always a looker.

We've used "Money Talks" a LOT!! Pics of some of the first crop of babies are on our '07 seedling page, and there will be more in the years to come. It's doing a great job for us, and it was worth every penny.


[{(Peach Candy x Startle)x Ida's Braid} X {(Strawberry Candy x Startle) x Braided Lightning}]

On one of our 2007 trips to Dave's gardens, we found this. It wasn't a new seedling, but one that Dave had used in his breeding program. As he was ready to let some of it go, we snapped it up. It's out of Fooled Me, so we named it "JAFO", taking the first two letters from Jackson, and the pod parent. We have seedlings from it, and are anxiously waiting the results.
We purchased several newer seedlings that year, but this was the stand out.
In 2008 we only brought home two seedlings. [We are running out of space!!] Dave seldom lets first year bloomers go, but we convinced him that he always has access to his 'babies' if they are in our care. He is most interested in the development of this one, which we gave the garden name of "Mello Yello". Unfortunately, neither Richard nor I can find our better photos of it. The base color has a green cast, and most blooms looked MUCH better than this sorry thing. Somehow, we either didn't shoot on the right day, or just can't find a better picture among our thousands on file. Next year I'll replace this image with a good one!
Although Dave likes Mello Yello better, this was my favorite. We call it "DANCE WITH ME HENRY". I love the color and the form, and as first year bloomer it had 7 fans! If that's any indication of things to come, it should be a very fast increaser, and that is an important plus. We have seedlings from both of these that we will be planting this spring, and will use them both again when we start 'pollen dabbing' in the summer. This is another of Richard's shots with his Nikon.
This striking shade of yellow drew me to this seedling, also purchased in '07. Shortly after we brought this home we saw our very first 'sun dog', so I chose to remember the occasion by giving this daylily the garden name of "SUNDOG". Until I saw one, I didn't know sun dogs existed, so I'm sure most of my viewers don't either. CLICK HERE for an informative web page, or Google 'sun dog' to find plenty of pictures.
The picture above and the one below are the two faces of "SCARY MOVIE". I don't even remember what inspired me to give this pretty flower that name, and I'm sure I'll find a better one at some point. This is another  '07 purchase. These are both Richard's Nikon D40 shots.