Just one of our new purchases for 2005
One of our first purchases for 2005 is this pretty seedling by Dave Jackson, of New Lebanon, Ohio. We enjoy visiting Dave's gardens every year to see what treasure we can find among his newest beds. Of course, Dave shoos us away from the ones we REALLY want, because our taste runs along the same lines as his, and all hybridizers keep their best. But Dave still has loads of beauties to share, and we grabbed this one up the minute we saw it. It was only a second year seedling and already had four strong scapes. The bloom jumps out at you with it's bright, rich color. The pod parent of this one is POLYNESIAN LOVE SONG, and the pollen parent is one of Dave's seedlings out of

It's "pedigree' would be written like this....

As soon as we brought this home we bred it to ED BROWN, and, as of 5-06, we have seedlings from the cross.  We have plans for '06 to breed this seedling to goodies like SPACECOAST STARBURST and  some other fancy edged varieties.

Many of our other new varieties for '05 can be seen on Dave Jackson's page.

  New Purchase for 2006
This very cool new variety is a Pat Stamile 2006 offering, and our very first purchase of a brand new introduction. Skeezix is the first TETRAPLOID double unusual form to be introduced, and since we have "Had I Known", we simply couldn't resist buying Skeezix as it's possible future "mate". Until this year we have always waited for introductions to be around for awhile and drop in price, but we've decided that we aren't getting any younger, so we also purchased a Grace Stamile 2006 intro called Finding Blue. To see this pretty little DIPLOID, visit Pat and Grace's Floyd Cove Nursery website. Scroll down through their introduction page, and you will find our purchases, and some of the most beautiful daylilies in existance to date.

When Skeezix and Finding Blue arrived we were surprised and pleased to find out what our 'bonus plant' was. Most all hybridizers send a gift plant with orders, but imagine our delight in finding "SILENT MUSINGS", yet another 2006 introduction.  [can also be found on the Floyd Cove introduction page.
New for 2008
New from Pat Stamile in 2008 is Silver Rings. Pat said he had not ascertained it's fertility, so WE did. We found it to be easily fertile both ways and look forward to seeing what it can produce for us.
Pat is always super generous with his bonus plants, and sent us a new intro, Celestial Shore. After seeing them both, I think I like this one even better than the one I chose. But then, I usually DO like Pat's choices better than my own.
Most years, we order some new plants from Memory Jordan, in North Carolina. Memory is one of my favorite people to talk daylilies with, and to buy daylilies from. Here are just a few of the new [to us] varieties we added to our garden in 2008.
Outrageous Fortune
Pat Garrity
Just A Tease

Spacecoast Blast Off
Beauty Of The King
.Our bonus plant from Memory in '08...All Creation Sings. GORGEOUS!! We plan to use it a LOT!
And we are delighted to own Memory's own 2008 intro....
My Friend Anna.
One of our 2007 newbies...
We always get something new from Dave Jackson's newer seedling beds, but in '07 we also got this older seedling. It's a Fooled Me kid, and because it's a Jackson we took the first two letters from Jackson and Fooled me, and named it "JAFO". It's very fertile, and one of our favorites.
Redbud Hill Daylilies
Oh boy! I really had way too much time on my hands in the winter of 2008-09. I stumbled upon the Lily Auction, and my addictive personality caused our pocketbooks to take a big hit! Below are some of the new (to us) varieties that I won. I think I got a good deal on most, if not all of them, but we will definitely have to re-home a lot of old favorites to find room for these. As soon as they bloom, I will do my best to replace these photos with some of my own, but for now I'd like to extend a 'blanket THANK YOU' to all the auction sellers, and to the hybridizers who furnished these images.
Apricot Creme Truffle-David Kirchoff 2007
Awesome Applique-Lambertson '08
Azure Wings-Pat Stamile
Border Blessed-Carpenter '04
Candied Popcorn Perfection-Carr '04
Cave Creek Canyon-Lambertson '08
Eyes Right Jones-Wilkerson '06
Fiji Sunset-S. Holmes '08
Halloween Hocus Pocus-Salter '04
Indigo Bunting-Lambertson '08
Jealous Jake-Carpenter '08
Leaving Me Breathless-Petit '03
Mesozoic Munch-Lambertson '08
Promised Day-Peat '02
Shangri La Truffle-D. Kirchoff '07
Song Of The Empire-Carpenter '06
Spacecoast Blood Diamond-Kinnebrew '08
Spacecoast Tropical Twister-Kinnebrew '08
Spiny Sea Urchin-Stamile '04
Storm Of Swords-Salter '06
Studebaker Hawk-D. Hansen '05
Summer's Softer Side-Salter '04
The Butler Did It-Kinnebrew '08
Watermelon Taffy-Salter '06
Wren's Song-Pat Stamile
And last, but definitely far from least, our two 2009 introductions from Pat Stamile. Thank you Pat, for the temporary use of your photos.
White Base-Pat Stamile 2009
Orange Grove-Pat Stamile 2009
Backtracking a bit...found this image in one of Richard's files. This is an '07 purchase from Dave Jackson that I was unable to photograph in '08, due to 'the wearing of the ankle boot'. "Sundog" resides on a hill-side, so this was taken by Richard with his Nikon D40.