Redbud Hill
Hamilton 2008 seedlings

Here are a "few" shots of our 2008 crop of seedlings. This turned out to be The Year of Savannah Royalty. The majority of seedlings that we felt were worth watching had Savannah Royalty as either the pod or pollen parent, which prompted us to use it even more heavily in 2009. SR seedlings are scattered through the pics below.The parentage of each seedling is on the image.
The first three seedlings below are from a Dave Jackson seedling with the garden name "Davida". (Yes. We named it after Dave.) "Davida" is a soft, very pretty yellow with a heavily ruffled edge and good substance. On the down side, it's a very difficult pod setter, so we feel fortunate to have gotten this cross.
Even though it is the most ordinary, the seedling above is my favorite of this cross. It has a very good bud count, heavy substance, and has a very 'green' edge in the early a.m.
I like the edge on this one, but in today's daylily world, it's rather plain.
This seedling sent up a rebloom scape and bloomed all summer. It's biggest fault, most blooms have no pistil. (as seen in this photo)
When we purchased "JAFO" (which stands for Jackson Fooled Me Seedling) from Dave, the only thing we bred it to the first year was El Desperado. We got a whole row of El Desperado 'clones', but this one stood out from the rest.
Just like nearly every other hybridizer we know, we use Forestlake Ragamuffin like it was the Second Coming. We had quite a few 'interesting' seedlings from it in the '08 batch.
The Jackson seedling we call "Money Talks" is a sibling to Davida. This seedling looks the most like Forestlake Ragamuffin of any of our FLRM seedlings.
This is my favorite Forestlake Ragamuffin kid for the 2009 bloom season. It's out of yet another of Dave Jackson's seedlings. Dave visited when this one was blooming and he thought it was cute. It's small, and like FLRM, it takes it's sweet time getting open in the morning, but it's one toothy little devil. It has a lot of buds, and is definitely pod fertile. We'll be keeping an eye on this one!
Another shot of my favorite FLRM kid.
Two differently lit shots of a pretty seedling out of a red pod parent and a dark brown-purple, black-eyed pollen parent. This is one of the things that makes hybridizing daylilies so much fun. Ya' never know what you'll get. (unless you use El Desperado or Fooled Me).
Now we're getting into some of the Savannah Royalty kids. The two shots below are out of Art Gallery Mist. We only got three seeds from that cross, and two bloomed in '09. Both are worth watching.
This is my favorite of the two. I love the soft colors, and it's very pod fertile.
This seedling was much prettier than any photo we got of it, and one of my favorites. The color is intense. Unfortunately, it had a low bud count, and I was unable to set a viable pod on it. I'm hoping for an improvement next year.
The cross below is yet another utilizing Savannah Royalty...this time with yet another Dave Jackson seedling. "Stand Out" is a 'blue'-eyed seedling that caught our eye as soon as we walked  into Dave's garden the year we purchased it, and we've been pleased with the results of it's use in our hybridizing program.
We use a LOT of Dan Bachman's seedlings in our program too. Below are two shots of an unusual seedling from one such breeding.
This "Plain Jane" is one of those plants that may turn into a keeper in spite of it's ordinary look. 4 fans and 3 scapes on a first-year plant may be no big deal in Florida, but here in Ohio....and especially in our clay soil, it's worth crowing about. On top of all that, it rebloomed, and set pods with ease. If it continues to perform this well, it will stay here to be one of our 'brood mares'.
I thought Savannah Royalty and Last Snowflake might make a nice cross....but was concerned about breeding two Southern flowers together. Both of these seedlings bloomed well and had decent bud count, but time will tell if they have the stamina to handle our winters.
This late-bloomer was one of the prettiest seedlings in the '08 bed. Each bloom had a gaudy edge with frills and teeth, and the color is yummy. Downside? I was unable to set a pod. Will try again next summer.
Strawberry Fields Forever has produced some "pretty" blooms for us for the last couple of seasons. Unfortunately, none of the plants have been anything to write home about. Mostly small, slow growing, and low in bud count. But with the ones pictured below, this is only their first year, so we'll give them the full three years before rehoming or composting them.
I like the unusual color on this one, unfortunately, it did not photograph correctly with any camera we used. You would have to see this one in person to appreciate the beautiful coloration.
Rusted Peach is another Dave Jackson seedling that we used for several years before rehoming it with my son...[where we could still have access]. This is typical of the color we get from both Rusted Peach, and Strawberry Fields Forever, regardless of who we breed either of them to.
The only thing we have left from this cross is Spacecoast Starburst. We have not been excited about the plant habits of anything from the crosses we have made with Spacecoast Starburst, or "High Cholesterol", but I think this is a very pretty flower, so have included it here..
The Wisest Of Wizards X Madiba Magic Cross was another that produced pretty blooms, but few of them. These two pictured below would be high on my list if they had a decent bud count. Hopefully, they will improve next season.
Cute, huh? I love the pink and white bi-color, and the heavy creping. It's a small flower, almost a mini, and I hope it improves with age.
Love the bloom. The plant and bud count...not so much. On the watch list.
The three seedlings below, out of Wisest Of Wizards and Dave's "Money Talks" fall into my catagory of nice, but needs work. More of those pretty flowers without a substantial bud count. We'll keep these on the watch list too, and hope for better results in 2010.
Last, but certainly not least, is this striking baby from Sabine Bauer and one of our 'O5 seedlings. It's intense color and height has made it stand out in the garden and it has been a visitor favorite. It has a good bud count, and is pod fertile and is definitely flagged to watch.
.Well folks...that's it for now. Hope the number of images wasn't so much for your 'puter that you gave up before you got all the way down here, and hope you liked out newest babies. Now I'm going to update some of the past years with new be sure to check those pages out too.