Welcome to Redbud Hill Daylily Gardens. We are located in S.W. Ohio, right on the edge of zone 5 and zone 6. Our flowers are one of our passions. Our gardens consist mostly of perennials, and although there is something in bloom from early spring till hard freeze, the really big show is mid-summer. That is when our many named varieties of Daylilies are stopping traffic. We hybridize daylilies on a very small scale, and I have created this unconventional website-slash-ever changing "blog" to chronicle our efforts. We're glad you dropped by. Stay awhile and take a leisurely walk with us.
Richard & Susan

Richard is a little camera-shy. This large honeysuckle is handy to hide behind. Richard is the "worker bee", and does all of the hard work. I'm the "planner", which means, "let's try this here and see if it works."
[That often means it will get moved later.]
I'm not really good with potted plants, but these cheery little Violas make me look like I know what I'm doing.
Panoramic view of front bed in 2000.

As you scroll down, please check the links below to see why we don't get away from home much in the summer!

All of these pages, and most especially the SEEDLING pages are mainly for our own records and contain a lot of information that will not be interesting, (or make any sense), to the average flower lover.
However, I hope they give some pleasure to other daylily enthusiasts and friends who just love to wade through picture after picture of beautiful flowers.

I would have to call this more of a "BLOG", than a real website.

We choose to supplement the documentation of our hybridizing program in this way because, as long as we pay Homestead to keep our site active, we can't lose our "notes" and we can share our passions with friends and other hybridizers.  And Homestead is most generous with space, so there is room for a LOT of pictures.

You'll never find fancy, professional-looking web pages here.  I'm not a fancy, professional type. I AM a writer, of sorts, but I write like I talk...so this is a laid-back, loosely woven mess of whatever I feel and think. (And it gives me something to do when we and the daylilies are waiting for spring. )

As for the daylilies....they are our obsession. It's a great pleasure to have a hobby Richard and I can both enjoy so much.  Bloom season is like Christmas in July, with each day bringing new surprises.  Once the 'babies' start to bloom, and we can "ooh" and "ahh" over each new beauty we've helped create....the web site usually takes a back seat until the flowers have faded.

Again, please feel free to 'walk' through these cyber-gardens at will. LIKE our gardens, the site is in a constant state of confusion and change. Come back often.

"Had I Known"
New Purchases
Our Favorite Dan Bachman Seedlings
Our Favorite Dave Jackson Seedlings
(Local Sales Only-We Do Not Ship)

Each year we dig and divide some of our daylilies as a matter of necessity. (Not because we like that much hard work!) While we are not a business, we will sell off a few fans here and there. We start dividing in August. Click here to see what is likely to be sold.
This 'Hit List" page is usually updated in July, but I add to it when I have the time. We also dig out one complete seedling bed every summer. The seedlings are an inexpensive way to get something unique and original, that no one else has.
Plants that will be for sale are listed on this link ONLY. Pages below are for our own records, and enjoyment, and for the pleasure of those who visit our site.
Some of the first pictures on this main page are old, scanned 35mm, so unfortunately, they may load slowly, depending on individual computers and servers.  The digital shots have been reduced for the web, which tends to degrade the image quality.
Click HERE for a walk through the garden-2005
Garden visitors and "helpers"
Reblooming Iris (which seldom do)
  Companion Plantings
Updated: 1-10-09
Our "Babies"
(Seedlings from our hybridizing program)
(Possible Future introduction)
Space Reserved for
Possible Future intros!
This link will be active when we arrive at that point. )
In the Garden-2008  NEW!!
NEW!! ROAD TRIP!!! CLICK HERE to join us as we visit the gardens of our friends.
NEWER!!! Digital Cameras & Daylily Photography FROM a Novice FOR the Novice.
2004 Seedlings-Updated
2005 Seedlings-Updated
2006 Seedlings-Updated
2007 Seedings
NEWEST!!!! (and most often updated)
Photoblogs of Other Interests and Adventures.
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2008 SEEDLINGS-NEW!!! (added Oct. 16th 2009)