We always have a variety of 'visitors'in our gardens....and an occasional 'helper'. Some of the helpers actually DO help...some just THINK they do.
"Killer" is one of our favorite garden 'helpers', so we decided to give her a page among our garden pages.
"Killer is a stray kitty who has adopted us. I tried for weeks to 'ignore' her into leaving, as I did NOT want a cat. She pretty much told me, in no uncertain terms..."No...YOU leave...I'm stayin'". And so she has moved in to everywhere except the house. She has a kitty door on the side porch, and has learned that she can get a lot of attention by going into the back yard with the dogs and making them bark. Richard goes out to yell at the dogs to hush, sees that SHE is the reason, and picks her up and cuddles her. Gee, ya' think she has him trained?

She got her name from the gruesome daily "presents" she brings us. 

She is such a great 'helper' that we haven't seen a mouse in the house since she arrived. We also don't see many birds at the feeders any more, as she can jump up and pluck woodpeckers off the suet basket, the chipmunks have moved elsewhere, and we never see the squirrels, she has so traumatized them by going up the trees after them.
Killer zipped up the sunflower, the sunflower snapped at the base, and both landed in the middle of my prettiest patch of zinnias. Zip, flop, took all of a half second to demolish a good portion of a well-planned bed.
The problem was....the 'jarfly' was at the top of a very tall sunflower.
Richard really "appreciates" her help too. Here he is, preparing a new bed for next years' seedlings. First he has till, dig all the rocks out...[I think we live in what used to be a rock quarry]....then he adds compost, peat...and...
"Whoo-PEEEE! Look at this! A 6' by 34' litter box....and it's all MINE!"
" Hey Mr. FoodMan, I'm not sure this is the best place for this flower. I like to roll in this spot, ya' know."
"Really, I must insist!" You really need to move it elsewhere or I'll just have to roll in this one over here....the little one you just planted.

This IS *MY* garden, you know!"
"Well, don't say I didn't warn you."
"Here..let me help you move this wheelbarrow out of MY garden....you pull, I'll push."
Killer and I have a love/hate relationship. She schmoozes me just long enough to catch me off guard, and then grabs my leg or my hand and bites the heck outta me. She seldom bites RichardTheHandThatFeedsHer though. She's too smart for that.

She is also sneaky. She can manage to get inside the house without either of two grown adults knowing she did it. She also slips into any open car door she spies, ours or visitors. We 'lost' her one time, for 24 hours....found her in the mini-van. Also found out she can "hold it" for a looooong time...thank goodness. We wouldn't be surprised if she leaves here in someone's vehicle and we never see her again...which would be a shame...for as much as I hate to admit it...I'm pretty attached to her. Even if she is a total brat.
As for Richard, I've accused him of being a CatMan, because she gets spoiled nasty rotten. He denies it, of course.

"Enough with the name calling already....
I'm not fat...I'm just fluffy!
And you may go now."
Killer 'owns' everything now. If it's here...it's hers.

Here she is, after a hard day of gardening and killing things, relaxing on what used to be MY garden bench. And yes, she looks fat...but that's from MrSofty's over-feeding methods...not impending motherhood.

She's been here a year, and although she does bring home an occasional male friend, so far we've dodged the BabyKitty Bullet. We think [hope/pray] she's sterile....but the little porker is definitely on a diet.
Our little woodland menagerie is reduced to a few insects, and she's working on ridding our lives of those  as well.  She likes to "help" by chasing the cicadas out of one of the gardens.